Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Past Is A Foreign Country: Jamie Lee's Dad Edition

26-year-old Tony Curtis was shirtless a lot in the silly 1951 movie The Prince Who Was A Thief, but someone at Universal, or perhaps at the Breen Office, decided that this particular costume, shown in a wardrobe test, was just a bit too much. Or perhaps, too little.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meanwhile, On Instagram...

I have reason to believe that Jordan Simcox is 17 years old, but he has been using Instagram to put himself on display for years. What is there to say about him?  He plays soccer, is probably straight, likes to dance, and has social media accounts  (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vine) that he hasn't touched in years. He has thousands of Instagram followers and is famous enough that there are several bogus accounts perpetrated by people impersonating him.  He shows up on my Tumblr dash with some regularity.  Here is a small sampling of his wares. If I attempted to post every shirtless selfie he ever shared it would take me weeks to collect them all.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Children's TV Comes Through Again

You probably aren't watching, nor should you, Nickelodeon's bizarro new series Game Shakers, about four12-year-old kids running a tech business all by themselves.  Don't worry, I'm not here to talk about 12-year-olds. I'm going to talk about the recent guest appearance of 17-year-old actor Tanner Buchanan as an older boy one of the girls is crushing on. Tanner has had a recurring role on Disney's Girl Meets World, where he keeps his clothes on but displays his adorable smile often. He doesn't smile at all on Game Shakers (his character is too cool for that) but otherwise is very much on display in this episode, as you can see for yourself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Styles That Might Not Catch On

It's that time of year again. London Men's Fashion Week is in full force, and as usual, there are some real doozies on the runway.  Take a look at this get-up from the Bobby Abley show. Just about everything above the knees is inexplicable. That's an awful lot of skin on display for a winter ensemble. What's the deal with that half jacket and the bare torso?  I get that it is probably meant to be worn in combination with something else, but why not simply put on a coat? And by the way, Mickey Mouse called. He wants his shorts back.

Monday, January 11, 2016

R.I.P. David Bowie

Honestly, I find this almost impossible to believe.  Speechless.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


I have come to believe that somewhere in Eastern Europe there is a secret government laboratory dedicated to producing the perfect human specimen; a creature of such beauty that people of all genders and sexual persuasions can do little but melt into puddles of pure sexual desire at the very site of him.  I speak, of course, of Sergey Brisuk.  Before you accuse me of hyperbole, I must point out that I have spent hours, hours, studying Sergey's photographs, and aside from a small scar near his left arm pit I have found none. If there are more imperfections to be found I can only conclude that they are on the parts of his body that I haven't been able to examine due to the fact that they have been covered by clothing. If you can disprove my theory,  please contact me immediately with photographic evidence. 

Two sets are featured here, the first by Yaroslav Bugaev for Adon Magazine, and the other by Chadchai Charoenput for Daybeds Magazine