Awesome People

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cruising Down The River

A few days ago Paddy Mitchell posted this picture of himself on Instagram being all effortlessly gorgeous. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jordan Gets Sexy(er)

It's Jordan Ver Hoeve again, just a month out of high school and posing for his most blatantly sexual photo shoot to date.  Here photographer Joseph Lally treats us to underwear shots:

He teases us with suggested nudity:

Then he knocks the breath out of us with facial close-ups of sheer unadulterated beauty.  Just look at those eyelashes. Dear God! 

Meanwhile, young Jordan, a real person after all, and not just the highly sexualized object d'art we see here,  takes to social media to say how much he misses his girlfriend from back home.  The heart flutters and bleeds.  It's all too much to bear.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet Richard

Photo by Andrew Bowan
One of the nice things that sometimes happen when you run a blog is that people will write to you and ask you to have a look at their blog.  Such was the case last week when a handsome young man named Richard Whitney wrote to introduce me to his blog, Some Model Perceptions.   Richard's avocation is erotic modelling , and he has a nice collection of artistic nudes of himself which you are sure to enjoy, but there's more going on than just that.  He is an intelligent and well-educated young man, and his blog posts about art, erotica, and queer culture are thoughtful and interesting reads. His recent post regarding the Bel Ami studios is a fascinating read. I suggest you go there right now. 

Photo by David Burgess

Photo by Andrew Bowan

Monday, July 21, 2014


Your Auntie Vera first called your attention to the curly-haired, baby-faced, whippet-thin bit of gap-toothed British adorableness known as Olly Alexander way back in 2009.  Remember him? Probably not, if you are American, because even though he has never stopped working, almost none of his work, mostly small independent movies, has made it across the Atlantic.  His one big Hollywood movie was the mega-bomb Jack Black vehicle Gulliver's Travels.  He has worked on the stage, and done TV- notably the seventh series of Skins, and a story arc as a vampire in Showtime's Penny Dreadful.  He also is the lead singer of the band Years and Years, who are responsible for this song that I truly love.

I bring this up now because the trailer for his new film God Help The Girl, a musical, was released last week, and although I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that it will be anything like "a hit" by the standards of commercial cinema, it seems that it will be released in America, and from the looks of things it could be downright adorable. At 24 years of age, Olly is still just as lovely as always, and it seems that French hotness Pierre Boulanger,  star of the 2003 film Monsieur Ibrahim (Remember that? I sure do.) is in it too. God Help The Girl is set for a September release, and will probably be available for viewing here in Iowa sometime in 2018.  Looking forward to it. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

R.I.P. James Garner

There were some people, when I was a kid, who I never had to be told who they were, I just always knew. Doris Day, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, Lucille Ball. James Garner was one of those people.  Until a local TV station started rerunning Maverick when I was in high school I didn't even realize what a dish he was.  Not really my type ever, but I know a handsome man when I see one.  The thing that set him apart, I think, is that he always had a sense of humor.  He wasn't a comedian, he wasn't ironic, but he was always in on the joke. He never looked like he was trying too hard, but that was a complete illusion. The list of injuries he received while filming The Rockford Files would turn your blood cold.

He started out as a teenage swimsuit model, served in the Army in the Korean war, where he was injured twice, went on the stage in 1954, made his first movie in 1956,  and became a television star in 1957.  He was devoted to liberal causes and participated in the historic 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luthor King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech.  He met his bride-to-be at an Adlai Stevenson rally in 1956 and married her two weeks later.  The were still married fifty-eight years later. He continued acting as long as his health allowed.  He will be missed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Guy With The Freckles

Is anyone even the least bit surprised to learn that I am attracted to almost 20-year-old Canadian model Wynston Shannon and that I  want to marry him and stuff?  It goes without saying. He has at least three physical attributes that always speak to me:
  • Blue, blue,blue eyes.
  • Freckles.
  • Visible ribs.
Aside from that... Wynston Shannon sometimes looks like an angel from heaven, and sometimes like a grown-up Huckleberry Finn.  I suspect that he is the type of boy who reads Rimbaud while riding a roller-coaster.  He has a Tumblr blog on which he has posted very few pictures of himself, but many pictures that he took, good ones at that, as well as things that he is inspired by.  He also wards off the advances of people who mistakenly think he owes them something in the most hilariously "I don't give a damn" way imaginable. So, he's beautiful and arty and snarky.  What could be better?