Queen of the Tabloids

Unlike the tabloids, I don't give a rip whether or not Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is more than friends with former 'N Syncer JC Chasez. Those two may be hiking down the Hershey Highway or they may be the latest incarnation of Matt and Ben, but frankly all this "are they or aren't they" speculation strikes me as being counter-productive, silly and just plain boring. The fact that anyone even cares is proof that we still have an awful long way to go.


A bit of advice, Mr. Crawford: if you want to show us how manly and macho you are there may be better ways to do it than dressing up like a Brokeback Mountain reject or carrying around a football while wearing pajama bottoms. But by all means continue to take off your shirt for us. In fact, please do.


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