Smilin' Ed Speleers

Shortly after Ed Speleers made his film debut in the title role of the semi-disastrous film version of Eragon some British tabloids made a big deal over the fact that he was working on a construction crew. "How dare he have pretensions to be an international movie star! Serves him right!" Since then he has signed to a modeling agency and co-starred in the semi-disastrous UK TV series Echo Beach, from which these pictures are taken. Not sure if acting is really his thing, but he is very photogenic, and has a lovely deep voice with a great accent so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Incidentally, according to the prestigious internet, Ed's Eragon role was originally offered to Alex Pettyfer, who turned it down in favor of Stormbreaker.


Kosh said…
u might be interested in this, providing you have never seen it before...
there is a part in there about Ed Speleers, from Ed Speleers..

there is also an interview in Attitude if u have not seen it it can be located somewhere, someone scanned it and posted it, can not find the links, but if u care, i am sure u can track it down.. meanwhile..

I thought he came off quite well in his acting talents.. maybe I am biased, but a actor is only as good as his material, and no matter how good a person is, they can come off really bad if the rest of the production can't do it's job and produce something good.. Eragon was not his fault.. Even the other actors came off craptacular... cheers
Vera said…
Thanks for the link. I haven't seen that video before and although I haven't been able to read the Attitude interview I have seen all the photos from it, and all of the other Kai Z Feng photos, at least those that have been publicly released.

Just for the record, I am a fan of Ed and have been since I sat in a mostly empty movie theatre on the opening day of Eragon. I would not have put him on my blog if I weren't. I actually agree with everything you wrote, it's just that we haven't really gotten a chance to see Ed in the role that shows us what he may be capable of. When someone says Hayden Christensen was crap in Star Wars you can point back at Shattered Glass or Life As A House and say, "Yes, but he was brilliant in that." Ed Speleers doesn't have a role like that yet. But still, I believe that many aspects of acting can be learned but presence and charisma can not. Ed already has the part you can't learn, so it will be interesting to see what he does with it.
Kosh said…
Attitude interview:
Kosh said…
did those links actually get cut off, if so, here.. if not.. here again anyway. I should have previewed the post first to see what they would sever.

He is also doing a smaller film called littlebirds, but you probably knew that already, I just would like to find a copy after it is released.. the poor guy is str8??,
he'll never know what he is missing.
You can't reach perfection being str8 edward.. I love his comment about going to an all boys school though...I'm sure he had fun.
Vera said…
Thanks for the links. Interesting read. I think that anyone who says that they have absolutely no "gay side" is in serious denial.

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