Strange Goings On at YouTube

You gotta love the YouTubes, where the weirdness never stops. Take the case of Tough Gutted Drewster.  Drew is a skinny teenager who likes to take off his shirt and have his friends repeatedly slug him in the stomach. Of course he records this action and posts it on the internet. Is there something I'm missing? I guess it's some sort of manhood ritual, but I really don't get it.  Still, it's not as weird as Chris Crocker.


Hubris said…
Gut punching is along the same lines of other hyper-masculine fetishes that you are probably more familiar with. Muscle worship, erotic wrestling, sports uniforms, jocks, leather, etc. The aesthetic is about exaggerating or emphasizing masculinity. Much the same, I imagine, as how certain elements of our community glorify and emphasize the feminine.

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