Model of the Moment: Ben Mills

I have a feeling that in real life Ben Mills is not the kind of guy who turns heads. I may be wrong, but he strikes me as skinny, pale, kind of funny looking; like a much younger Steve Buscemi. But in a photo studio, all groomed and dressed (and undressed) to the nines he is a stunner. Check out that tight little bod (at 5'11'' he is on the short side for a male model), that clear porcelain skin, those big sad eyes, and that sensuous mouth curled into a half snarl. I look at him and think of classic portraiture of the nineteenth century, like a Bacchus painted by Simeon Solomon.


Anonymous said…
ben reminds me of Eddie Redmayne who was in savage grace . very nice blog too btw
Vera said…
Thanks for the comment. I can see the resemblance, but Eddie has that freckly red-headed vibe going on.
lushka said…
what evidence do you have that he's not as good looking in reality?
good comparisons btw
Vera said…
I don't have "evidence", just a feeling. He has unconventional features that I don't think most people would appreciate at first glance. I think he is good looking or I wouldn't have posted him. Obviously he is good looking enough that he is able to get work as a high-end model, and not many people can say that.
I had more to say about Ben in this post:

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