Cutie-Pie Actor of the Day

Don't let the baby face fool you: this is Douglas Smith and he recently turned 23 years old (and yes, this is a recent picture). Doug is one of the many reasons to watch the amazing HBO series Big Love, which should be starting its third season pretty soon.  If you haven't been watching Big Love I suggest you Netflix the first two seasons right now in preparation for the third. It is a show that gets better with each episode and is brilliantly acted by a large, pitch-perfect ensemble cast. And, oh yeah, Douglas occasionally gets his bits out.

Did I mention that Doug is Canadian? There must be something in the water up there.


Chas said…
Did you also know he's the younger brother of fellow Canadian cutie Gregory Smith (Ephram from 'Everwood')? Wouldn't you love to be the meat in a Smith Brothers sandwich?
Vera said…
I did know that. In fact, I almost mentioned it, but decided to let Doug stand on his own. Gregory is smokin' hot, but in a completely different way. Hells yeah, I'd take 'em both!

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