One thousand and one thanks to our good friend Syeuk2002, who, unsolicited and out of the kindness of his heart made this beautiful new banner gracing the top of the screen. Who could that lovely boy in the picture be, I wonder? Thanks again S. To misquote Spencer Tracy, I don't have a lot of subscribers, but what there is is cherce.


Syeuk2002 said…
I'm happy to help. :)

Now let's get back to hot guys & musicals. :D lol

Syeuk2002 said…
We should of course give gratitude to Kai Z Feng for his amazing photography skills.

He is one of my personal idols! :)

Check him out he's amazing...
Syeuk2002 said…
We are in the same business & he is uber succesful (& a year younger than me!) Annoying! lol
Syeuk2002 said…
I never seem to get everything i wan't to say into one post!


Never Mind. :D
Vera said…
I love Kai Z. Feng. And he's cute too.
Syeuk2002 said…
Considering the fact that you liked it so much. Here are a couple of other promo graphics.

Banner/Forum Sig >

Plain logo >

You may as well have a set.


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