Random Shirtless Guy of the Day

I had someone completely different lined up for today's random shirtless guy, but then this turned up in my mailbox and I had to change my plan. Look at that face: he either wants to screw you or beat the crap out of you. Maybe both.


Syeuk2002 said…
Hi Vera,

I've been looking at the design of your blog for the last few days. Something is not right at the moment.

With the addition of the new banner you've lost the centre column that lead the eye down the page.

Why don't you try a coloured background a few shades darker that compliments the banner.

like this...

It will give a lot of the "flow" back to the blog.

Vera said…
I agree. It looks a lot better.
J.D. said…
I'd be okay with both.

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