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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Because Deep Down I Am A 12 Year Old Girl

Here is Matt Prokop, who very recently celebrated his 18th birthday. Matt has a substantial role in High School Musical 3 and presumably is being groomed to take over the lead in the Zac-free HSM4. If, like me, you are a twelve year old girl at heart you already know that that's Devon Werkheiser he's with in one picture and Mitchell Musso he is with in the other.  I have no idea whether Matt can sing, dance or act.  What do you think? Will he be able to successfully take up the mantle of Efron? 


J.D. said...

I'm a 12 year old girl too! OMG!

He looks pretty cute, but IDK, he doesn't seem girly enough to take over L'Efron's spot. Plus, maybe he can actually act? Ew.

kristy-g said...

and yer hes cute extrmo cute
and yer i think he could of course its never gunna b the same without zack ect but i think he will make it his own and i saw hsm 3 last night i thought he was really gud

luv matt prokop xoxo

from kristie xo

kristy-g said...

oh just to say i dint mean that as if im bein mean or anyfin

i a bit worrid myself lmao

and im 12 too :)

melody_r said...

well.... ya I love Matt Prokop

and thats ok because

I AM a 12 year old girl!

yes. I stumbled upon this on a google image search of matt prokop.

cant wait til he takes over..... i never liked zac very much