Obligatory Olympics-themed Post

You could probably search the whole wide world and never find another person who is less interested in athletics than me. Seriously.  Now, athletes, that's a different story. For years I've been keeping an eye on Fabian Hambuechen (or Hambüchen, if you're into umlauts) a teeny tiny not-quite 21 year-old gymnast from Germany.  He's won all kinds of medals and is very well-known in Deutschland. And hmm, what do you know? I just found out that he just won a bronze medal for something or other at some big sporting event in China.  Um, ping-pong, perhaps? Anyway, he's about a dozen kinds of cute, and I just can't get enough of him. 

Here's a little salute to him from a German TV broadcast, via YouTube and the All About Strength blog.  Enjoy!


mischa said…
All that cute and he can do the splits, too. On my face would be good. Just two more words, Yum-mee!

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