Random Things Found on the Internet

I don't know why, but I am just fascinated by this site I stumbled upon which features fashions for Muslim women. Who knew there was a Dubai fashion week? It makes sense- I'm sure Muslim women want to look good too. I wonder if there is a Middle East version of Project Runway.


Syeuk2002 said…
Interesting site. Muslim women are renowned for the sexy lingerie. That always makes me smile. :)

p.s. Vera I saw this & thought of you...


I wish real life were like this!

Vera said…
You mean your life isn't like that? Mine is. But the songs are better.
mischa said…
I heard they do have such a show, I think it's called Project Gang-plank. The loser walks off the end into the briney deep, Auf Wiedersehen.

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