Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend (this week)

Three people have sent me pictures of this guy in the past week, so here he is:Miley Cyrus' boyfriend du jour, 20 year old "underwear model" Justin Gaston. He was also a contestant on Nashville Star, which may be why you've never heard of him. Oh yeah, he's hot, but she's just 16 and has already had several reported boyfriends (Nick Jonas, Cody Linley, Lucas Till, that guy who works over at the Tastee-Freez) so why would anyone imagine that this would last for more than five minutes?


J.D. said…
The sex must be great.
bufs said…
In an effort to be helpful, I'll take all of her ex-boyfriends. I'm just nice that way.
Vera said…
j.d.- I would prefer not to think of Miley Cyrus having sex. It's just...ew!
bufs- I included the guy at the Tastee-Freez just for you.

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