"Ned" Declassified

Did anyone besides me just love Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide? No? Just me? Well, anyway, Ned, er, I mean Devon Werkheiser is 17 now and just as cute as a button. And look! He's even sprouted a little Chest hair! How sweet!

Seriously, I would totally tap that.


J.D. said…
Even though that's a wee bit creepy, I totally agree with you. And Ned's was the best show ever.
bufs said…
"Ned's" was hard (*ahem*) to resist. The plots, if mostly over the top, were always clever and well-acted. And watching Devon emote every week wasn't exactly torture.

Incidentally, Ned (another JAW-JAH lad, btw, who hails from Atlanta) has two movies lined up for 2009!
Anonymous said…
I watched Devon in 'Christmas in Paradise' where the lovely Devon of course had a dip in the hotel pool .

great hair too .

btw Keith Munyan the photographer who took the skateboard shot has an amazing track record for capturing teen idols as their shirt fly open . Hes shot
cody ' dancing ' linley , taylor 'teen dream' launter and of course dreamy devon . i think he should do a book !

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