Only Gay in the Village?

I haven't seen it yet, but I don't really know what to think about Little Britain USA which premieres on HBO tomorrow night. Of course I know what I think about the original Little Britain, which has been rerun ad infinitum on BBC America. I think it is a pretty good, occasionally very funny sketch show which is based squarely in the comedy of the grotesque and relies a bit too heavily on recurring characters and constantly repeated catch phrases. It always makes me laugh, but I never go out of my way to watch it. It is very British, which is part of its charm, and here is where the whole concept of Little Britain USA kind of falls apart for me. The very title is an oxymoron. I can't see how will it work to take these oh-so-British archetypes and drop them into an American milieu. Or is that even what they plan to do? We shall see.


Syeuk2002 said…
I saw them on a talk show last night.

It seems the show will all be set in America, with mostly new American characters.

The gym rats, the soccer mom & the only gay on campus to name a few.
Syeuk2002 said…
So it has aired now.
What did you think?

If you didn't catch it watch online here...

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