Styles That Might Not... Hey! Wait A Minute!

Ascots? Really? Well, if William Moseley and Kevin "Not the Cute One" Jonas have both been spotted in public sporting ascots it must be a trend. Don Knotts may be gone, but his influence lives on.


Nick Plowman said…
Kevin Fucking Fugly Jonas. Ew, he is so creepy. But I kinda dig those ascots, which are like scarves but not. Whatever, I like them.
Vera said…
Yeah, I didn't really want to put up a picture of Kevin Jonas, but it made my point so perfectly.
J.D. said…
Hey, at least Kevin isn't Joe.

bufs said…
Oh, come on. The only possible reason for anyone to wear an ascot is to cover-up a hickey Or as the Brits so descriptively say, a strawberry kiss.

That William Moseley might need a bit of cover-up I understand. But the other two?

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