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One of the nice things about blogging is that people comment on your blog and you check out their blogs and before you know it you have a bunch of blogs that you like and it gets harder and harder to get bored on the Internet because you have so many great sites that you follow. Here are a few of the blogs that you should definitely check out if you haven't already. You should also comment on them and give their perpetrators lots of love so they will want to continue their blogs forever, because it would make Auntie Vera so very sad if any of these ever went away.

If you have any interest in the the young Hollywood types known far and wide as teen idols, I heartily recommend Dream Boats, the blog run by jaymcfly. The owner of Dream Boats started his blog in 2006 and then let it languish for over two years. He recently started it up again. Be prepared for a lot of humor, a lot of imagination, some stuff that has been blatantly made-up and, of course, a lot of cute guys. He refers to Taylor "Sharkboy" Lautner as "the Mongomery Clift of his generation." How great is that?

I was turned on to David Dust's hilarious blog, called simply David Dust, by my roomie Mischa. David's taste in men runs to the big, the beefy, and the Latino, and he shares a lot of pictures of said men, but what I really love are his roll-on-the-floor funny television recaps. Alas, Project Runway has ended, but Top Chef is on its way. I can hardly wait! And by the way, hardcore David Dust fans are called Dust Bunnies!

Remote-Controlled Hairbrush is the studiously grammatical brainchild of Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate. His blog is a compendium of whatever strikes his fancy, much of it very funny, There are hot guys, too, for those of us who care about such things. His series of Summer Time Tips are both funny and hot, my favorite combination. Plus, anyone who makes Alex Pettyfer his man of the month for October is my kind of guy.


William said…
Thanks for turning me on to Dream Boats!

And thanks for mentioning my Hairbrush! I've never been plugged before, and I'm so excited.

Well, not "plugged" like this...
bufs said…
Oooh. Thanks for the links. Clever, fun blogs (yours and other's) give me strength to carry on. I am not making this up.

["Other's" ... is that correct? Plural possesives always befuddle me.]
Anonymous said…
''some stuff that has been blatantly made-up ''

hehe ! ...I check my blog posts ruthlessly for the accuracy of the source - my imagination ! .

Thanks for the mention .

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