What Feng Hath Wrought

Apparently you haven't arrived as a young British actor until Kai Z Feng has photographed you. Here we have his latest batch of yummy 18-year-olds, courtesy of Nosferatu at Famous Male Forums, in the persons of Aaron Johnson, Harry Eden, and Sean Bourke. Hostess never baked a tastier Twinky. (Hmmm. I just noticed that there are some girls in those pictures as well.)


J.D. said…
He's like a god now, isn't he?
Anonymous said…
ooh aaron johnson - hes been on my radar for a while
well a month or so . hes playing the lead in kick ass
based on the comic book . I cant wait to see aaron in his superhero suit , i caught a glimpse of said suit on you tube but it was just a nano 2nd . Harry was great in that film with daniel craig . Ps I have finally updated my blog !
Sinan Emre said…
well, finally! I was hoping you'd notice the godlike Aaron and share him with us some day one day... It's good to see him in this great blog.
By the way, I highly recommend nearly famous and talk to me, two Brit miniseries also-starring Aaron.
Vera said…
I've seen Nearly Famous, but the only thing I really liked about it was Aaron's blazing hotness. Talk To Me was better, but Aaron's role should have been bigger. I ended up fast-forwarding to his scenes. I first saw him in The Thief Lord (actually I'd seen him before but he was a bit too young to get my full attention) and that also has the very very nice Rollo Weeks. I hope Angus, Thongs comes to the US soon.

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