Easy Virtue? Or Wishful Thinking?

It comes as a surprise even to me that til now I have not blogged about Ben Barnes. He ticks off several of my boxes: Slender, British, cheekbones that could heal the sick, and pretty, pretty, pretty. He's 27-years-old but could pass for 19. How could I not have written about him.

I first spotted Ben in a small role at the beginning of Stardust which required him to do little more than look dewy-eyed and gorgeous. I was impressed enough to google him as soon as I got home that evening. Shortly thereafter he was cast in the role of Prince Caspian in the second Narnia film. The Prince Caspian publicity was very promising. I mean, who could resist a long-haired girly-boy in chain mail? Not me. Until I saw the movie, that is. Despite his good looks, Barnes was wholly unimpressive as Caspian. Maybe it was the ludicrous (Spanish?) accent he was forced to adopt, or that his role was so poorly written. Whatever the reason, he came off as weak and whiny, and Skandar Keynes and William Moseley out-acted him at every turn. ( I know! William Moseley, right?) So, partly because he had let me down in Narnia, and partly because I couldn't find any quality shirtless pictures of him (screen caps from Bigga Then Ben show him shirtless and sporting a Celtic cross tattoo he must have borrowed from Alex Pettyfer), I never quite got around to posting him.

So... six months later... I came across some photos of him in his new movie, Easy Virtue, based loosely on the Noel Coward play. Suddenly I was feeling Ben again. I wish. You can never go wrong with a man in a well-tailored tuxedo, but with his new shorter haircut and fabulous 1920s fashions he looks positively edible. (Not that there was anything wrong with his old, longer haircut.) His next role is as Dorian Gray in a movie of the same name, so it seems as if he has become the go-to guy for covertly homoerotic literary adaptations. Despite the fact that he doesn't look like he is "made of ivory and rose petals" (Oscar Wilde's description of Dorian Gray sounds more like Mr. Moseley than Mr. Barnes) I can picture him as Dorian Gray.


J.D. said…
Better late than never.

*has a raging crush on him*
Kayleigh said…
He just isn't Dorian Grey in my mind. Dorian is blonde, full red lipped, completely naive to start off with but devastatingly cute. I don't think there's an actor out there that is my perfect Dorian. I hope they stay true to the fantastically sexy homosexual undercurrent in the book. Colin firth is always lovely. :D
I usually don't like men with long hair, but I still think Ben Barnes is a hottie. The images of him with short, slicked back hair and a tux are the icing on the cake. Yummy.
Anonymous said…
now the wonderfull william as Dorian is something I'd love to see . I also think the wonderfull one would have made a great Sebastien Flyte in Brideshead Revisited .

Nothing against Ben Whishaw who played Seb in the recent remake .Bens a really good actor .

what ever happened to the modern day - Dorian film with David Gallagher did it ever get released ?
"cheekbones that could heal the sick"

Just so you know, I will be stealing that line eventually.
Kenny said…
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