Micky Skeel Hansen Is Not A Pop Star...

...but he plays one on TV. Well, in a movie, actually. Remix is a film that was released in Denmark in January of this year. Micky Skeel Hansen plays Ruben, a 16-year-old who becomes a pop star while his life becomes a living Hell. It's all very familiar in a "be careful what you wish for" kind of way. The horrible songs he sings in the movie (we are told time and time again how good these songs are and how brilliant Ruben is, but we are not stupid) are available as free downloads at this fake site for the film's fictional record label Major Records. (Major Records. Get it?) The songs are awesomely bad, so therefore worth the listen for connoisseurs of the rotten. The movie's not much, and you've seen it all before, but the boy is awfully cute, and not a bad actor, although the real acting honors go to Camilla Bendix as the A&R woman who sells her soul (and his) to make him a star. So see it, don't see it, whatever. It hasn't been released in the USA so don't go out of your way.

Frankly, I just needed an excuse to post this picture.


Anonymous said…
he he , those downloads are pretty bad and the trailers even funnier , still had a bit of skinny dipping . A bit of 'dancing cody linley' going on there maybe .

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