"Jesus, this guy's like Tickle Me Elmo for English majors."
As expected, Twilight opened big. Bigger than expected, although not as big as originally reported. (This is because it made $35 million on Friday, but considerably less than that on Saturday and even less on Sunday.) Today the cover of the new issue of Life & Style declares that Robert Pattinson is "The Sexiest Man In The World!" and I just shake my head in wonderment. My personal taste for chicken not withstanding, I just don't get it, and now it has become a kind of compulsion with me. I even did a little unscientific survey at work today. "Sexiest man in the world? Yes or no?" Most common answer: "No." Second most common answer: "Um... no." Of course, everyone I asked was above the age of twenty.

But, hey, if you think he's hot, good for you. I'm sure you that we'll be seeing a lot of him for the next couple of years. I guess I'd better get used to it.


Anonymous said…
Well Rupert Vamp , doesn't really do it for me . I thought Brad was great as a vamp in interview with a vampire .

I think Stephen Moyer who plays the Vamp in True Blood gives a great performance .

Empire gives the movie a good review , maybe when i see it , I'll be converted to vampire rupert .
Juan Sebastian said…
i enjoy the book... hated the movie! and that cast!! there's no acting! and sexiest man?!! they even said that the hottie of the year was Robert, when clearly it was Zac Efron!!... but maybe it's cuz i'm 20 and not 15...

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