Sweet Nicky On The Boards

Lucky Londoners will soon get a chance to see lovely Nicholas Hoult in his West End debut. He's starring in New Boy, a gay-themed boarding school drama (is there any other kind?) based on the novel of the same name by William Sutcliffe. Buy your tickets now; the play has a limited run and the venue is small.

Nicholas, who turns 19 on December 7, is also filming A Single Man, the directing debut of fashion designer Tom Ford. Nicholas plays a "sexually ambiguous" student who is, um, interested in his gay professor (Colin Firth). I'd say that hilarity ensues, but since A Single Man is based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood I'm guessing that the hilarity is kept to a minimum.


bufs said…
Nicholas is simply delicious. Hands down my favorite lad from across the pond since ... Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Anonymous said…
Nick on the boards , how lovely . I read the book some time ago , I think when it first came out . Oddly I cant remember much about the plot . I like the sound of the new film very much . Nicks making some cool choices . I thought nick was great in the last series of Skins , particularly the first few episodes . Go nick go !
luvnichoult said…
Nick is my favourite all time actor and still only 19. Can't wait to see his new film and I got tickets to see him in the play "New Boy" in London next March.

I really want to meet my idol, get his autograph and tell him how much I enjoy his work

Luvya Nicky !

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