This Really Pains Me...

... but I have to do it. Although I know that my tastes can be a bit too Tiger Beat, up to now I have been pretty adept at resisting the charms of the Jonas Brothers. However, this picture of Nick Jonas made me stop breathing for a moment.


Ok, I'll try to not let this happen again.


Anonymous said…
Well for me the lovely mop topped Nick j is the highlight of the band , I did like most tracks of the first 2 cds but the third cd just had one track that i liked.
J.D. said…
No, no, Nick is okay!!! Now, if yoiu started drooling over the other two, then it wanders into dangerous territory.

But Nick? Hell yes. *drools*
I'm totally with you on this, both the attraction and the shame/embarrassment. I feel like such a pedo, but the boy is adorable.
Nick is a hottie. It may be illegal in some states, but so be it. I'd go to jail for him.
bufs said…
Ah, sweet lil Nick! Surely one of life's guilty pleasures.

"Guilty," the judge would cry.

"My pleasure," I'd respond, smiling as I was led away in chains.

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