Christmas Greetings! (I'm Moving To Australia!)

Did you know that it is officially summer in Australia? Did you further know that there is a popular soap opera in Australia (sadly, not aired in the U.S.) called Neighbours which currently stars cuties James Sorensen, Sam Clark, and my personal favorite, skinny goofball Matthew Werkmeister. The Neighbours team seems to love to get these boys out of their clothes as often as possible, and so this year they have given the world (minus the U.S.) this Christmas gift: James, Sam and Matthew in the skimpiest Santa Claus costumes they could find. Joy to the world!
Special thanks to Hot Aussie Famous Males, from whom I stole these screen captures.


Anonymous said…
I do love Zekes legs i must say ! happy christmas to you , all the best Jay
ivy fan fic said…
Hey, have a warm time there..cold where I am in the states..

Merry Christmas...

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