Aaron's At It Again

By now I'm sure you know that twinkster Aaron Johnson is an up-and-coming teen actor from England, future John Lennon impersonator, and star of the highly anticipated superhero extravaganza Kick-Ass. Sexy Aaron is certainly not a shy boy, and once again we find him hanging with his homeboys (and grrrls) and posing bare-chested for the cameras. Do you suppose he shows up for these events shirtless or does he disrobe after he arrives? Vera's Big Gay Blog would like to go on record as encouraging more of this kind of behavior in the future. Keep it up, Aaron! But minus the cigarette.


Anonymous said…
Is it me or is Aaron slimmer in these pictures ? maybe he's slimming a bit for john lennon ?.

Yes as for loosing his shirt , i think these ones are even funnier as he's the only one shirtless . And long may he continue , hehe
Darth Anque said…
I think these are quite old photos and instead of carrying on with the tradition, he may just have started it with this spread.
Vera said…
Darth, that is entirely possible.

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