Clothes I Could Never Afford on A Guy I Could Never Afford

Burberry has recently debuted their new ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2009, as well as a new image promoting their new fragrance The Beat for Men. The ads are photographed by Mario Testino and feature an actor by the name of Alex Pettyfer. Ever heard of him? There are some other people there as well, but whatever.

So, just for your edification, that shapeless fisherman's cap Alex is wearing in some of those pictures? $195. The scarf he is wearing in several photos? $695. For a scarf. I can't even bring myself to enquire how much one of those raincoats costs.


Anonymous said…
still the colonges affordable , the guy with the longer dark hair is singer george craig seeing your post inspired me to do a george - post
bufs said…
Exorbitant pricing notwithstanding, the clothier is superfluous.

It's the clothes-bearers that catch my eye. And tickle my ... er, fancy.

And may I just say that the George post, and George, are simply dreamy!
Maybe we don't need to own Alex Pettyfer.

How much just to rent him for the weekend?
Vera said…
I'm afraid that even the price of a rental would be prohibitive.
Maybe just a test drive then. They don't charge for those.

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