So That's What They Mean By "The Beat"

I am aware that the blog has been a little Pettyfer heavy these past few weeks, but I just have to comment on this image of Alex that Burberry released as part of their world wide launch of the new men's fragrance The Beat for Men. He's wearing the $650 scarf I wrote about last week (cashmere, don'tcha know), but what really catches the eye is his hand elegantly stuffed down the front of his pants. "The Beat" indeed.


bufs said…
No doubt he was going for the Napoleonic look and his hand merely strayed south of the border. Lucky hand.
Wow! Even Alex Pettyfer can't keep his hands off of Alex Pettyfer!

(Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen the words "elegantly" and "stuffed down his pants" used together before. Good show!)

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