Styles That Might Not Catch On: Special Victims Unit

Faithful readers may recall me mentioning in my Luke Worrall "Model of the Moment" post a few weeks ago that I almost featured Luke as a Special Victim. Well, this photoshoot finally pushed him over the edge. Here we have all the earmarks of haute couture gone horribly wrong: a boy in girls' clothes, over-the-top make-up, and clothes that no one in the real world would ever, ever wear. (Breech clouts? Really?) Of course, the whole mess is on a beautiful boy, beautifully photographed. Hardly matters, though, when the only thing that springs to mind is "What were they thinking?"
(All snark aside, the closeup with the stuffed birds is unbelievably gorgeous.)


J.D. said…
Um, wow.

A cross? Really?
Vera said…
J.D. How do you do it? I posted this literally 1 minute before you commented.
J.D. said…
I check Google Reader furiously. LOL.
bufs said…
That bird photo set my heart all aflutter, too. Not to mention atwitter.

Seriously, another awesome photoset, Vera.
Anonymous said…
its good to see Ridge foresters fashion designs , getting the exposure they deserve.
musicbuff said…
Interesting photo set. The pic with the birds is very awesome! I rather like this one. The others...... not sure what to think / say.
Beautiful boy, but a fantastic photoset. The styling and composition are amazing. I, too, am quite enamored of the bird picture, I need to get a print of it and have it framed.

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