American Idol Is Back In My Good Graces

Why? Because someone decided to release Von Smith's MySpace self-portrait into the world. Yes, I'm that shallow. A cutie takes his shirt off and I'm ready to forgive the the people who foisted Tatiana Del Toro on an unsuspecting world.


Anonymous said…
Heh. While I may not be able to sit through three hours of AI a week, I'll certainly be downloading Von's performances on iTunes as long as he's around -- well, until later rounds, then if he's still in it, who knows ... David Archuleta sucked me in last year, too -- otherwise I never payed a moment of attention to the show.
musicbuff said…
This hottie would be the only good reason to watch!!! I am with bry on this though. I will listen on iTunes!
Nice bod though!!!!

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