Hot and (Gasp!) Over Thirty

Proof, if you needed it, that you can be 33 years old and still completely do-able, Mark Ronson is a brilliant record producer who produced Amy Winehouse's hits Rehab and You Know I'm No Good, as well as recordings by Robbie Williams, Adele, Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, and others. His album, Version, is pretty much awesome. You know his sister Samantha as Lindsay Lohen's gender-bending girlfriend. Look at how freakin' cute he is! I know, I know, you all think I only go for the teen twinkies, but Mark could produce my album any time!


bufs said…
Oh, my. Mark is cute beyond all belief ... for such an old guy!

Just kidding, of course. He's awesomely awesome and most assuredly welcome at my ... er, establishment any time.

That said, his name reminds me of a famous member of a seminal group from the '70s (one my grandpa told me about as I'm obviously too young to remember myself) ... namely ...

Mick Ronson from Mott the Hoople with Ian Hunter.

Here's a link to arguably their most memorable tune as rendered on Youtube. The good stuff starts about 1 min 30 sec in.

Mott the Hoople ... All the Young Dudes.

All the young dudes ... indeed!

musicbuff said…
Now really!, there many cute guys over 30! Adrian Pazdar,Johnny Depp,look around and check some "old dudes" out. You may be surprised!!!! Pleasently, i am sure!!

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