I Am Still American Idol's Bitch

As much as I love and/or hate American Idol, what I love/hate even more are Jacob Clifton's recaps of American Idol at the formerly awesome, but now mostly lame website Television Without Pity. The thing about Jacob is that he is almost certainly a complete jackass. I don't know him and I've never met him, but he seems so self-righteous and judgmental that I'm almost certain people walk up to him on the street and slug him in the mouth just to shut him up. I'm guessing that this is a daily occurrence. However, he can be very funny in that queer-based, snarky way that I can't help loving, and about half the time his opinions are right on the money. Also, at times his recaps become surprisingly sincere, and on more than one of those occasions he has caused me to become a bit weepy. How weird is that? So I guess I'm saying you should check it out.

Meanwhile, American Idol just aired that exercise in futility known as "Group Night" where, as usual, we were treated to fifty minutes of pointless drama and almost no singing. For God's sake, when do the live shows start? I can't take it any more!


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