Let's Talk About Skins, Shall We?

There's been a whole confluence of events lately that have had me thinking about one of the best TV shows ever, or at least recently, Skins. First, Skins had its run on BBC America, which I've already told you about at length. Then Mitch Hewer, who was so captivating as Maxxie debuted in his disastrous, craptacular TV series Britannia High (and he had an even more disastrous haircut). Dev Patel became an overnight sensation starring in Slumdog Millionaire, while disingenuously telling a gullible American press that his only prior job was "a minor role in a small TV series." (Some would call that "bending the truth." I call it a lie.) Larissa Wilson and April Pearson made a movie with Alex Pettyfer, so you know that got my attention. Nick Hoult moved on to some interesting projects, which I've already blogged about , Joe Dempsie has done some TV episodes and a movie about soccer (sorry, football) and Mike Bailey seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth (which is unfortunate, because Sid was by far my favorite Skins character). Skins recently received a well-deserved GLAAD award nomination. Oh, and E4 recently started airing a series they call Skins, but it is more like a boring sitcom version of Skins with a new cast of less interesting and far less real characters. (Sorry, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.)

So when Liz at American Pop (no, they don't sell soda) emailed me to remind me that the first season of Skins was now available in a shiny, new, R1, completely legal in the USA, NTSC DVD and wondered if I was planning to blog about it I was like, "Hell yes I am!" Because 1) I will use any excuse to post pictures of the lovely Skins cast, and 2) It is great show and it should be seen by as many people as possible. It really is, I think, the best show about teen life that has ever appeared on TV. Certainly far better than anything that has ever been made for American TV. It is at once real and surreal, funny and sad, sweet and salty. (Ok, the sweet and saltly thing was just silly.) Once you've seen it you'll want to see it again and again and again, so you might as well just buy the DVD now, because you know you're going to need it.

Check out the Skins DVD here. Do it. Do it NOW, I tell you.


Anonymous said…
Poor Mitch , I wonder If it was his real love of dance
that made him do brit high ? . Sid was lovely , perhaps he's keepng a low profile . Giant Nicks talents will ensure him a long career .
Fit Males said…
But the two new lead males are so pretty: http://tinyurl.com/debw4a
seanisbored said…
I love Skins, and you Americans got the edited version right? The uncut is so much better(and more Chris!nudity). I love that they can just show that stuff on normal TV here in Europe.

The new Skins is boring me, NOTHING has happened yet.
bufs said…
Vera wrote:

Mike Bailey seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth (which is unfortunate, because Sid was by far my favorite Skins character).

Oooh. I agree with all you said about "Skins" ... but in particular with your comments about Sid, aka Mike Bailey.

Sid was easily the most empathetic character on the show. And he was so effin' cute!

The scene where Sid woke up in bed with Tony, naked, was my fave scene of the series.
Vera said…
seanisbored- The American edit was different from the UK version in these ways: 1) More commercial breaks 2) some language, mostly the word "Fuck", was bleeped out, and 3) some portions were subtitled, which I, personally thought was condescending and distracting. Chris!nudity stayed intact. As it happens, they can show that stuff on cable & satellite TV in the US if they want to. 88% of Americans have cable or satellite, and the vast majoriy of channels are not available on terrestrial TV and therefore are not ruled by FCC standards. Many channels, like BBC America, self-censor in order to placate advertisers, others do not.
Totobird said…
I agree with the new skins it's pretty awful so far! I wish they made the characters more likable I only like Effie and I think that's cause she was on last season.
yankeefan4 said…
have all dvd's of skins season 1 & 2 gata hand it2 them they sure can find some sexxii hott boys <3 love maxi &sid & Tony aswell <3 it pissed me off when we Americans remade skins we took out the charictor maxi how could thru do that >:^€ but American Tony was hott ;)

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