What's Going On In This Picture?

You tell me!


Anonymous said…
for a moment i feared it was adonis aaron up to more antitcs , but i can clearly see that its the great god of teen roller disco has been taken hostage by a passing pharaoh .
"You may not approve, Officer, but he's my boy and I love him. And when he called to say he'd hurt his ankle while skating, I was just about to get into the shower, hoping that soap and hot water would help me get this neckpiece off. I was so worried that I threw on my overcoat and ran down to help him, and there was my boy, all injured and freezing on the sidewalk, so I gave him my coat and picked him up to take him the hospital and THAT'S when you arrested us!"
bufs said…
I've no clue what's going on ... but I like it!

It's all sexy and vampirish. Puts me in mood for an Anne Rice novel. I also really like the "rollerskates without shoes" (or socks, for that matter) look.

seanisbored said…
Would I get in trouble if I said penetration?

Probably...so I won't.
Clancy Nacht said…
Every year, a coalition of International Vampires gets together to select a well-dressed young man to rescue from inadvisable old-fashioned roller skates.

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