Model of the Moment

Ash Stymest looks like the love child of Cole Mohr and Gregory Smith. The 17-year-old Brit weighs about 75 lbs (just an educated guess), has a serious ink addiction, the face of an angel. I've noticed that stylists love to put him in very questionable outfits . If you think this fact will not be raised in the future you don't know me very well.


J.D. said…
Anonymous said…
I like him
Anonymous said…
Hello darling,
I decided it's time I finally commented after having peeked daily at your blog for a few weeks now! I adore the wonderful selection of photos you post ;)
Vera said…
J.D.& Jay: Yeah, he is pretty nice, isn't he?

Harlow: Why'd you wait so long? Welcome aboard! I'm glad you like!

Sean: I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
seanisbored said…
Very good.

TOO good.
Anonymous said…
I agree with your theory of his genealogical derivation. :)

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