My Fantasy Boyfriend Gets All Shirtless and Chavvy for His Art

Chav is not really a concept we have in the United States, but it is pretty clear from these publicity stills from Alex Pettyfer's upcoming comedy/horror flick Tormented that chavvy is exactly what he is going for. It might be difficult to pull off with his accent, which is either posh or not posh, depending on who you ask. Alex plays a rotten kid who "gets what's coming to him." Skins fans will recognize April Pearson in these pictures.


Anonymous said…
Thats an interesting look your boifriend is going for ,
Im not sure about how er 'chav' Action Alex can be .
but I've allways enjoyed a good horror film , so I will check this film out for sure .

But what a lovely body , I have to say and his legs ..

oh rats ! i forgot he's taken !
seanisbored said…
He can't be a chav with that hair, twill never work.

And something about April Pearson reminds me of a blackhole or a vacuum.
I have a hard time with slang in general, but I'm really not sure I'm clear on this linguistic concept.

I used to drive a Chavy: is that the same thing?

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