A French Connection

Mono-monikered Raphaël ( born Raphaël Haroche) is a singer/songwriter/actor/sex god. He is 33-years-old, but could pass for 23. His father is from Russia, his mother from Argentina, but he was born and raised in France. I might never have heard of him if Fabulastic hadn't posted this fabulous music video at his fabulous blog, Queer the Pitch. I like him, how about you?


Anonymous said…
Looking quite young indeed....sexxy too....thanks for the headsup!
Looks like he needs a plumber.
J.D. said…
The French > everyone else.
Anonymous said…
He is a sweet! Most of his songs are very sad (and with a communist overtone). My favourite one is «Chanson pour Patrick Dewaere» (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EgOhzzzGxo) that I didn't post because it's too melancholic. It's a tribute to the French actor Patrick Dewaere that killed himself at the age of 33.

But I promise I will have some more cheerful tunes in my blog.

Thanks for following Vera. Best wishes!
Anonymous said…
I like this one!

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