Goodbye, Bea

Legendary actress Bea Arthur passed away today. She was 86 years old. She is someone whose work I have loved and admired my entire life. I miss her already.


Bette Noir said…
Hi Vera,
It's wonderful to see someone paying some well deserved deference to the great Ms Arthur. And all praise to you, Vera, for a fabulous blog site. Good to see someone with a bit of jouje and style. Keep doin' what ya do, girl.

Big Hugs,

Bette Noir
Anonymous said…
Vera = Bea Arthur was FABULOUS. I saw her on Broadway a few times. She had this "Ethel Merman" thing going on for her voice projection
speaking and singing. Great blog M'Lady!
Andres said…
I used to watch her tv show when young, and think her death marks our own time, we´re starting to realize we're getting older and older..

Best wishes Bea, thanks for that hours of fun with my family.

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