Whatever Happened To...?

I'm sure that everyone has seen Notes on a Scandal at this late date (and if you haven't, why haven't you?) and remembers Andrew Simpson as the gorgeous jail bait whose fling with Cate Blanchett sets the story in motion. Andrew, whose only other credit was the harrowing Prayer for a Raggy Boy in 2003, is twenty years old now, and has not appeared in anything since. How is that possible? Has the entire universe gone mad?


Anonymous said…
Oh that was such a good film , I loved the book , but i thought the film was even better . Come back soon Andrew the film world misses you !
William said…
Yes! Where has Andrew gone? When he scores the goal, points at Cate, & rips his shirt off. Yikes!
I confess: I've been keeping him trapped in my apartment for the past few years. I'd let him go, but he's finally learned just how I like my toast prepared.
J.D. said…
*humps computer repeatedly*
Uncle Mame said…
Real nice set of pics there, Vera.
Do wonder what he looks like lately.

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