What's the Deal with Gaspard Ulliel?

Let's consider Gaspard Ulliel for a moment, shall we? Objectively, wouldn't you say that he's kind of funny looking? I mean funny "odd", not funny "ha ha." Take a good, hard look. His nose is perhaps a bit too long. He has a pointy chin. He has a big round scar on this forehead. And then there's that crazy huge dimple on his left cheek. So why do so many people seem to think he's sex-on-a-stick? Because he is, damn it! He is!


I think the words of En Vogue sum up my feelings:

"What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man"

Yum, I love me some French boys and Gaspard takes the cake (well, for modern French boys anyways...Jean-Pierre Léaud will always be number one in my heart)
J.D. said…
Because he is, damn it! He is!

seanisbored said…
His flaws make him perfect.
Anonymous said…
Gaspard is not just another pretty face, to be sure--his look is unique and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes him so beautiful. He has a quiet charisma, paired with hypnotic eyes and that beautiful scar on his cheek. He is like no one else, and personally, that is what I feel makes him so irresistible.
Anonymous said…
mmm love that gasping gaspard , what an actor , I'll allways watch his films .

oddly i can see john bapiste looking like him as he gets older .
Anonymous said…
I've been following the career of Gaspard since his early made for TV movies. He has a special place in my heart!
Amanda said…
HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE EPITOME OF HOTTNEST!
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I have 1018 photos of him, and if you want them you've no more to do than to ask for them, my dearly beloved Vera.
Anyway, I whish you a wondrous weekend.
Bisou, ma chérie.

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