Damn! I'm A Bad Blogger!

What? I only blogged once this whole week? Damn! Well, here's some half-nekkid, cutie-pie Asian boyband action to make up for it.


bufs said…
Damn it all, you (sir or madame? ;-) are a blogger extraordinaire.

Carry on ... please!

=Mothra= said…
Real nice!
But can someone lower those damn drapes please?
Unknown said…
...that's not Jpop...that's actually Kpop. They used to be called TVXQ, but they split up. Three of them left and became their own group - now known as JYJ. The other two stayed together and became a small 'group' of their own - they kept the name TVXQ though.

But, hey, if you're interested in Kpop now, a great introduction to it would be the group 2pm. Just search 2pm Kpop. Add shirtless if you want at the end.

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