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I strongly suggest you get yourself over to jaymcfly's Dreamboats blog to see a bunch of gorgeous pictures of the divine Gabriele Frola dancing the role of Tadzio in a new production of Britten's Death in Venice. Also, read up on all the latest about the new, fake, Disney version.


bufs said…
Gosh, while it would be pretty much impossible to improve on the original Morte a Venezia it certainly would be fun to watch a new effort.

But that begs a few questions. Who could better play a convincing, tortured Gustav than Dirk Bogarde? Who a stronger, handsomer Tadzio than Björn Andrésen? Pretty much no one I'm thinking.

Then again, I haven't had a chance to see the modern version.
bufs said…
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bufs said…
Sorry for the duplicate post. But as I've mentioned (or meant to) before, the word verification and "choose identity" nonsense in the publish your blog comment script are, at best, confusing. In fact, it's sufficiently convoluted to leave me, yes, me!, confused. *wink*

As of this writing, due to the whacked-out sign-in procedure, I've discovered three or four posts (all brilliant, if I may say!) which I thought I'd made to this blog yet which never appeared. And thanks to the whack login script, it seems many posts never make it because, many folks, same as me, think (erroneously) that their posts have been posted (imagine that!) when in point of fact they have not.

Yikes, I'm sure there was some point to this diatribe when I started, but to be honest, it has long since eluded me.

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