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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Quickie

Sorry, I'm terribly busy right now, so for the next week or so I might not be giving the blog the kind of TLC it deserves. Here's some photos of the ex-Mr. Miley, Justin Gaston, that I found in my mailbox this morning. Apparently this is what he does when he isn't attending church.


ShowBizBuff said...

Always up for a quickie, thanks for posting!

=Mothra= said...

Nice car!
Hadn't heard about the ex- thing,
naybe he wasn't hunky enough for her?

Vera said...

Supposedly she's back with Nick Jonas.

Luke said...

Mmmm....boys and cars...great combo!

Jarrod said...

My car is so dirty, I need to find one of those hawt bois.