Rock Cherub Causes Riot!

Mayhem ensued recently when Yorkshire lad and One Night Only frontman George Craig (AKA The Rock Cherub) took to the stage. Rubber bullets and tear gas had to be deployed when overwrought fans stormed the stage. Self-described "rabid fan" Prunella Drudge of Upper Drearytown-On-The-Thames later told Vera's Big Gay Blog, "We really just wanted to get close enough to properly read the writing on George's torso." Another fan, who would only identify himself as "J" said, "It's really George's own fault. The fans have come to expect and demand that he supply us with a spectacular display of skin. Even an open shirt is too much clothing." Craig is said to be "shaken, but unharmed", and is currently resting at the country home of his dear friend, Burberry designer Christopher Bailey.


Anonymous said…
ha- ha ! i love the last picture - The rock cherub appears to be in a state of pure ecstasy !

mind you the use of the gas was extreme , i'm still chocking !

i'm sure the cherub has had those wonderfull locks cut recently but i cant find a good picture ... yet .

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