22-yo Soap Actor Takes Cue From Adonis Aaron

Elliot James Langridge, a 22-year English actor who has just scored a role on the British soap Hollyoaks, appears to have taken note of the upward career trajectory of "Adonis" Aaron Johnson and is closely following Aaron's rules for advancement in the British entertainment industry.

1) The best time to be photographed is when you are all drunk and hot and sweaty.

2) Take your clothes off whenever possible.

3) If you absolutely must wear clothes, lady's lingerie is always a fine choice.

No word yet if Elliot plans on following rule #4) Bag a much older girlfriend.

Special thanks to Nosferatu for posting these (and more) at Famous Male Forums.


Anonymous said…
you see I really should pay more attention , as in hollyoaks ( not that I ever watch it ) there's already a character called Elliott , and i thought ooh don't fancy seeing him shirtless .

Now I find i should have , well what a fine set of abs
and what a lovely collections of lingerie.

Indeed as Vera , if he is cougar hunted , well who knows , it could be the Adonis all over again .

Actually I once nearly ended up on the Hollyoaks casting couch by accident myself , but thats another story .
Dame James said…
He may be wearing women's lingerie, but Aaron Johnson did a thousand times better. I still remember that picture fondly.

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