Another Nice Brazilian Model

Lucas Mascarini is a 23-year-old red-headed model from Brazil.  His fans call him Lulu. Someone once told me that there is no such thing as a beautiful red-haired man. I think that person was wrong.


Anonymous said…
oh i like him , He looks like he belongs back in the eighties , hanging out at hacienda in manchester .
lucas puts me in mind of the lovely eddie redmayne.

btw i do love the last picture , lovely smile .
seanisbored said…
OMG the hotness.

That's not proper red-hair: (

Being from the land of gingers I can confirm that their are quite a few good looking ones but when they're ugly, they really ugly.
Uncle Mame said…
Spectacular! But prone to styles that might not catch on I see ;)
Whatever is his mix of ancestries seems to be a great recipe.

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