Here's Taylor

I don't know if he's a good actor (the last thing I saw him in was Cheaper By The Dozen 2) and there's nothing that can entice me to see this movie about teen vampires and werewolves he's in, but Taylor Lautner has the most lovely physique imaginable. I'd direct you to one of the "Countdown Until Taylor Lautner is Legal" websites, but that would be tacky. (170 days, 8 hours, 7 minutes, 12 seconds.)


bryboiblue said…
Yes, well, I would direct people to the Lauter is Legal widget on my blog, but alas, the photo with it stopped working, so I deleted it.

I found it hilarious as hell, though.
jaymcfly said…
sigh ! even to kiss him is a life changing experience !
bufs said…
With pecs and abs like those, who cares about his acting chops? As for the countdown, he's been legal forever ... in my dreams!
I've seen an interview where he brags about gaining 30lbs of muscle since the first movie.

As for the countdown, I don't care about the hours UNTIL he's legal, but I want dibs on the first 12 hours afterward.

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