Gleeful Tidings

The Advocate has a wonderful interview with 19-year-old Chris Colfer, who plays the faaabulous Kurt on Glee.I've seen this described as a coming out interview, but really it's just an interview with an actor who, unlike most actors, is willing to talk openly about his life without desperately tap-dancing around the (rather obvious) fact that he is gay. (Insert Sean Hayes reference here.) Mad props to him- I think it can only be a good thing to have an out teen actor starring in a hit TV show- but the thing that really made me squeal like a prepubescent girl was the news that Chris will be singing Defying Gravity in an upcoming episode. You might as well start digging the grave now, because I think I'm going to die.


Anonymous said…
Thats a sweet interview , I do wish they would stop doing such awesome cover versions , my itunes bill is
sky high enough , but i can't help myself downloading
the glee songs .

I love Chris's performance as Kurt its so full of subtle bits too . The scene where he came out to his dad was so full of truth .
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Anonymous said…
I haven't read the interview yet, but all I can do is really give mad props to Chris.

"Glee" is the kind of show that can make someone actually feel OK about being different. And to have the gay character talk openly about being gay in real life can do nothing but wonders for today's gay youth.

Only one with that people like Danny Pintauro, Neil Patrick Harris, Chad Allen and Lance Bass could have done the same at a younger age ... but at least times, they are a chaaaaaanging.

And Jay? I cried during his coming out scene. Mostly at how worried he was and how unexpectedly awesome his dad was about it.
Anonymous said…
*I only wish that ... even. Sheesh bryboiblue!
seanisbored said…
I love Kurt but I'm kinda sad he's the one that gets to sing Defying Gravity. Lea and Amber would kill on that shit. But a gay!boy singing Defying Gravity will also be the death of me.

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