Laziest Blogger in the World

There's so much I want to talk about these days, Adam Lambert's "shocking" and "controversial" album cover, self-loathing homophobic queens and how much I hate them, John and Edward Grimes of X Factor infamy, the hotness on the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, so many other things. But you know, I'm just so tired that I'll do what I always do and post some random photos of pretty boys. Sue me.


Darth Anque said…
Never mind lazy, honey; get ready to be majorly shocked and awed and then depressed: Just read this, please:
Vera said…
Yes, I saw that. It was one of the things I considered writing about before I decided it would be easier to not write anything.
jaymcfly said…
You know , I'd like to hear your views on John and Edward sometime . Me I find them pretty entertaining
can sing of course , but hey since when has that stopped anyone . My fav x factor singer Joe sang ' don't stop believen'I loved the glee cast version of it .
Chachacha said…
You made the right choice, Vera.
Those boys are smokin' hot!
bryboiblue said…
But, but, but .. Billy Bell got sick! Hopefully he makes it back to the SYTYCD top 20 next season.

But otherwise, yes, so far a fun first two weeks of competition, even without being able to vote (and Nathan is cuuuuuute!).

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