Kai Z. Feng Makes Holiday Dreams Come True

Auntie Vera always thought she was too old to believe in Santa Claus. Now she knows that he is a Chinese photographer working in London and he is running only slightly behind schedule. Kai Z Feng has decided to end the year on a high note by releasing this video montage of Alex Pettyfer photographs, many of them previously unseen. Oh my!


April said…
Santa Kai better not make us wait too long. I want him to hurry up and release those photos or at least some of them. OMG, I need to see them. That vid is a sweet torture.
Anonymous said…
holy action alex hot buns !
Anonymous said…
Wow, there are definitely a bunch of on released photos in there!

Santa Kai, please let us see nice, HQ versions of them? Pleeeeeeease?

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