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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful British Boys Are Eternal

Everyone asks about "desert island discs", and books, and movies, and so on. If I had to choose a desert island TV channel I would say, without hesitation, TCM, home to the greatest cinema ever made. Last night TCM aired the seldom seen 1971 cult classic Deep End starring Paul McCartney's longtime squeeze Jane Asher and the beautiful 17-year-old actor John Moulder-Brown. Photographs do not do Mr. Brown justice, but here are a few anyway.


jaymcfly said...

Its been ages since I saw this film , oddly I do remember being blown..... away by John moulder Brown , i love the back light of the sun in the pictures
too . lovely post .

Luke said...

He looked just lovely in "Deep
End". I later saw him in "Felix Krull" and he was still very attractive in that one (and nude also). Thanks for the pics!

Griffin said...

He looks almost bloody identical to Michael Cera :3

gehenna42 said...

He looks more like Alex Pettyfer to me

Vera said...

A combo of Alex Pettyfer and Michael Cera? I can think of worse things.

andyk said...

I watched "Deep End" this afternoon.

You only get to see his tight little ass, but that's fine !

I've got an avi. copy of the film, which is very good quality, if anyone is interested, I will up-load to Rapidshare. The film is otherwise unavailable. No cost-I'll just gain a few extra Rapid-points.