Before he was a visionary director of dubious ultra-violent epics and a bat shit crazy, homophobic, antisemitic philanderer (allegedly) who is so conservative that he thinks the Catholic church is too liberal (!), Mel Gibson was a pretty good actor, who made interesting movies and was fucking gorgeous. This is what I'd call a cautionary tale. Today is his 54th birthday.


Joyful said…
Why did he go crazy, Auntie Vera? WHY? sis spent new years at Anthony Rapp's apartment--jealous?
-TV's AM
Vera said…
Jealous? Moi? Yes.
bufs said…
Mel was awesomely handsome in both "Tim" and "Gallipoli." I, of course, was but a mere zygote at the time but have seen both films since.

Wow. That was my first bald-faced lie of 2010 ... in a blog, at least. How many will there be?!
charles said…
Why the hell would you post pictures of this homophobic SOB?

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